Ugly Baby's Chef


In 2015, Chef Sirichai Sreparplarn quietly brought the distinctive tastes of Northern Thai food to Kao Soy, a small, critically acclaimed neighborhood restaurant where he was co-chef in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  With a star, Critic's Pick, and one of the Top Ten Restaurant Dishes of the year from the New York Times under his belt, Sirichai next co-opened the much praised and dearly missed Red Hook pop-up, Chiang Mai.

Sirichai's newest restaurant, Ugly Baby, has opened on the edge of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, with the ambitious vision of serving New Yorkers an unexpected experience of real, uncompromised Thai food. Plates share common ingredients, but each speaks differently to the palate through distinctly regional accents from across the country. 

Dimensioned flavors married with an intensity of spice and true-to-the-country Thai heat color these thoughtfully prepared dishes with roots from all parts of Thailand.  From the Central Style Red Snapper in Ginger and Tamarind Sauce to the brutally spicy (yet inexplicably addictive) Southern Dried Shank Beef Curry, you can experience a different voice in Thai cooking that includes duck feet, oxtail, pig ear, jackfruit alongside more common staples of mackerel, coconut, pineapple, chicken, and pork name a few.